International Paper

The Issue

In 2002, International Paper, the largest pulp & paper company in the world, needed a centralized system to maintain documents that were external to its Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) business management software and provide users with information regarding upcoming SAP changes.

The Request

International Paper asked Mind Over Data to come up with a centralized database management system that would allow them to easily maintain news items, important company processes and report documents, and provide end users with a one stop shop for SAP questions and information.

The Solution

Mind Over Data created a centralized document management system that allowed site administrators to create and update news items, upload vital documents, disseminate SAP change information. and receive feedback from users.  End users could easily retrieve critical documents, learn about upcoming SAP changes or upgrades and easily communicate with SAP administrators.

  • International Paper International Paper
    International Paper - Main Screen
  • International Paper International Paper
    International Paper - Administration Screen