Company Profile

Mind Over Data is a winning team, comprised of experienced, creative, talented, enthusiastic professionals who take pride in the quality of their work and inspire innovation. Our team represents a diverse skill set, and maintains a philosophical integrity that produces positive working relationships.  We stand behind every solution we develop, but when you grow or your business environment changes, we can modify the solution to meet your changing needs

While we supply the tools, techniques, and experience - it's your vision that provides content for the solution. We explore each of our clients' unique business requirements before trying to address issues.  Technology is a tool to help you carry out business - nothing more and nothing less. Many service providers will charge you an arm and a leg for what amounts to reinventing the wheel. At Mind Over Data, our only goal is to improve your business in the most efficient, economical way possible - not lock you into (or out of) a nonproductive technical solution.


Once a relationship begins with Mind Over Data, the partnership extends far beyond the everyday solution provider.  Mind Over Data will continue to offer technical and development support to help your business grow into the future.

As focused problem-solvers who thrive in high-pressure, high-stakes endeavors – tackling business issues is our playground. Mind Over Data is passionate about business solutions because it is driven by challenge. Our recreation consists of delivering accurate numbers, elegantly designing workflows, crafting clean code, assembling elaborate elements of high-tech hardware, and devising eye-popping animations and interfaces.  We enjoy what we do. We thrive on it. And when you have passion for something, it’s more than a living, it’s a way of life.